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About us
Our vision is to empower through creativity and bring people closer to their highest level of independence and pure mind.  That will allow all of us to use this potential to contribute effectively towards the community. We like to remind that nature conservancy is a priority, plastic pollution is real and we must make better choices every day to create a brighter future for our children and our beautiful planet.
We create art and teach creative classes, workshops, and camps.
Teach-In Harmony


Our educational philosophy is based on the elements of art, music, creation, imagination, and innovation. We strive to understand the unique nature of humanity. Here at Seventh Green Circle, we believe in improving the quality of life and preserving our world. We are looking to teach a deep understanding of life, nature, and others.


Our classes cover working with line, painting, drawing, realism, collage, pastel, abstract art, watercolor, printmaking, textile & clay. All mixed with a heart full of a positive attitude and love for nature.

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